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About Us

About Us

About us at Benedictus Groupx

About us at Benedictus Group and our building and construction experience as Brisbane builders. As an established building company, we cover all works from residential to commercial from the Gold Coast through Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Our strengths lie in our capabilities to manage sizeable building projects. From pre-planning through to quality completion, we have the experienced knowledge and professional networking to giving our clients a well-timed, high-quality finish. We are passionate about the building industry and our goal is to design, manage and construct great things.

Our clients demand the highest level of services, finishes and the most modernised and practical building practices. This is what we continue to strive for and achieve, as we have done for many in the past.

Experienced and professional management ensures that every project undertaken by us is met and delivered on schedule, on time and, within budget as per our client’s specifications and expectations.



The Beginning of Benedictus Group

Benedictus Group started as an official company on the 11th of August 2016. After years of industry experience and planning in previous companies, it's early establishment was as Benedictus Homes Pty Ltd with its focus on home building and renovations.



Offering More Services

As time moved forward the management of Benedictus Homes saw success through its knowledge in project management from its years of industry experience while holding close the future vision of developing sizeable projects, in hand with most importantly, honesty. With well-earnt clients who saw the potential in how Benedictus Homes structured its management, we grew rapidly from strength to strength!



Expanding in Residential

After another year of development within Benedictus Homes, in study and expansion of the teams, we found ourselves developing larger projects and attracting bigger clients. Needless to say, Benedictus Homes was scaling and a fast pace and we knew we were doing something right.



Expansion and Transformations

As our experience and knowledge in the building and construction industry grew, so did our passion for making new relationships and challenging ourselves with bigger developments. As time ran its course we saw a massive need for properly managed building companies in the commercial world, and we felt this by how much attention we received by big Australian companies. With long hours, rigorous planning and dedication we continued to tackle larger challenges as we were now faced with so much work we felt we had no choice but to continue expanding due to the honest relationships we had made in the building world.



The Birth of Benedictus Group

With well-made progress and having broadened our vision in the building and construction industry, we decided it was time to move forward to further better our industry abilities with fresh company designs, a new headquarters, and a new approach to our building and construction journey. Benedictus Homes saw its name change to Benedictus Group along with many other things on the 29th of January 2018. These changes made way for the further expansion of this company, seeing bigger opportunities, making exciting new relationships, and forming better understandings of what was to come in the near and distant future.



Consistent Innovation

As a further year passed our progress and vision has only broadened, overcoming once seen challenges to maintaining a steady rate towards our industry goals. We are continuously moving forward into bigger and better things, refining our management systems, and strengthening our approach to the corporate world in both residential and commercial developments. As things grow, bigger challenges will arise but at the true heart of Benedictus Group we always have and always will maintain an honest approach towards the diligence in our work and the love for our industry, our country and state and most of all our relations with people. We have been truly blessed to have the people in our lives that have supported us and taken our visions to new heights, and from all of us here at Benedictus Group, we will continue to bring innovation to our designs, care to our management and quality to our constructions.
Building and Construction Experience by Brisbane and Gold Coast Builders Benedictus Group

Our Building and Construction Experiencex

We are a local building and construction company that runs from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. The company is founded and directed by Ben Robinson and Jack Casey who are both highly qualified in the industry as Carpenter – Builders. Earning over 20 years of industry experience and 20 direct employees, Benedictus Group is not short on experienced knowledge or the educated man power to see any job through to a quality finish.

They have found their way from strength to strength in the building industry moving towards success in leaps and bounds. Their success has been earned through their abilities to manage, lead and communicate in a competitive building and construction industry. Their greatest success in the industry come from their abilities to analyze and create market-leading processes that allow them thorough planning that covers every aspect in a complete build.

Some of our strengths include:

  • Creation and utilization of apps sycronising the teams and their tasks held under building regulations and acts.
  • Abilities in highly planned project management, using various systems and softwares to ensure every step is planned and covered.
  • Collective diversities in understanding web application design, project management, and industry understandings.
  • Understandings on the written information, regulations, and acts according to the Queensland building codes.
  • Their wide range of networked communications and relationships inside the building industry, ensuring them sizable resource.
  • 20 highly trained and sought direct employees, selected because of the contribution and strengths each of them bring to their vision.


After the first year of business as a new entity, Benedictus Group expanded its teams by 10+ employees and relocated to a new headquarters at 8/18 Blanck Street in Ormeau, Queensland. Granting them a new office located between the parameters of their projects and a comfortable home for the further development of their managing teams, contributing further strengths to their designing and managing environments.

See a full list of our services here, and some of our most recent undertaken projects here. To complete the highest level of quality, time management and overall project management the considerations of each of these feilds and the problematic situations that come with them are a vital part of the jobs overall success. From pre-planning to build completion, every process must be carefully analyzed and considered.

Not only to ensure on going success for the building company but the ability to provide a great quality product to your clients which in return allows the building company stability. Ensure you consult the professionals with your next build, in an industry with experences as high as the building and construction industry, you should take it as seriously as we do. Our building and construction experience, our recent jobs and what our previous and to-date clients say about us should leave a good indicator that we are the professionals.

With a market-leading grip on the industry and a passion for the building industry, Benedictus Group is dedicated to forming new innovative designs and seeing them come to fruition. With great resource, knowledge and, a firm grip on management, Benedictus Group is able to create cost effective builds that see completion in a timely manner. Our building and construction experience shines a light on the past and future for Benedictus Group Brisbane builders.

We are passionate about people, this state, and building this industry off the back of honesty” ~ Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

Founder & Director Ben Robinson is one of inital founders of Benedictus Group and is one of the Directors of the company. He plays an essential role in the direction and management of Benedictus Group.

Ben Robinson is a qualified Carpenter – Builder.

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Jack Casey

Founder & Director Jack Casey is one of inital founders of Benedictus Group and is one of the Directing Managers. His experienced knowledge and insight in building and construction is industry-leading.

Jack Casey is a qualified Carpenter – Builder.

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Michael Czarnuszewicz

Management and Estimations Michael Czarnuszewicz is one of Supervising Estimation Managers here at Benedictus Group and a leading overseer of costs, pre-planning and project management.

Michael Czarnuszewicz is a qualified Contracting Carpenter.

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Trent Beggs

Supervising Manager Trent Beggs plays an important role as Supervising Manager at Benedictus Group, overseeing and managing the essential steps from pre-construction through to overall project completion.

Trent Beggs is a qualified Contracting Carpenter.

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