our skills

It’s no secret that aside from the basics – experience, knowledge and the right direction there is a lot more involved when it comes to seeing a job through to quality from start to finish. We at Benedictus Group have found we have mastered these skills and have made light of what was once a heavy set of abilities. No matter the job, big or small, we apply the same principles in the systems we use to minimise miscommunications and mistakes, increasing job success and customer satisfaction. Day 1 is the day to implement quality, and we make sure that is the case in all of our work.


What we do

We are a local building and construction company that run from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and everywhere between. The company was set up by Ben Robinson and Jack Casey who are both highly qualified in the industry as Carpenter – Builders. Earning nearly 20 years experience between themselves without the mention the 15+ employed by Benedictus Group. They have found their way from strength to strength in the building industry moving towards success by leaps and bounds.
Their success has been earned through their abilities to manage, lead and communicate in such a competitive industry as building and construction. 
As an insight into their place in the industry, after the first year of business together they expanded their teams by more than 10 employees and established a headquarters at 8/18 Blanck Street in Ormeau, Queensland, Australia.
They have a market leading grip on the industry with a passion for building that has them at only the tip of the iceberg and a hunger that will see them have it and their cake too.
With great experience, knowledge and management and the references to back that, get in contact with Benedictus Group today and see how they can help you!