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Build With Us

Build With Us

Build With Usx

Whether you’re renovating, extending, building new or developing, talk to the professionals for your pre-construction options and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Services we provide in general building and construction are:

View our general build agreements and terms for a better understanding of the building process.

New build agreements are a generalisation of our new build services, alterations and customisations may see structure change. Although ideally, the process is much the same, some terms and conditions do apply. Contact us today for a free quote and site visit, and ensure you talk to the professionals when it comes to your pre-approval efforts.

Good direction, clear and considerate planning and particular project management are vital when ensuring time, budget and quality are met. 

Build with us at Benedictus Group Pty Ltd
Build with us at Benedictus Group

Build with the professionals who consider your vision, supporting you with theirs. Industry-leading developments by Benedictus Group.

Build with us at Benedictus Group Pty Ltd


View a list of our home agreements, schedules and timelines and get a good understanding of whats involved in your next build.

Everything Benedictus Group does is by Australian Standards and Legal Process, get a realistic time frame and an accurate cost evaluation done to put your mind at ease.

Let us take care of whats important while you take care of whats important, you! Rest easy knowing you’ve put your weight in capable hands and see why we are becoming the talk of the town in Brisbane, Australia.

To view a list of our construction plans or what to do next, see below:

About Usx

We are a local building and construction company that run from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and everywhere between. The company was set up by Ben Robinson and Jack Casey who are both highly qualified in the industry as Carpenter – Builders. Earning nearly 20 years experience between themselves without the mention the 15+ employed by Benedictus Group. They have found their way from strength to strength in the building industry moving towards success by leaps and bounds.

Their success has been earned through their abilities to manage, lead and communicate in such a competitive industry as building and construction. As an insight into their place in the industry, after the first year of business together they expanded their teams by more than 10 employees and established a headquarters at 8/18 Blanck Street in Ormeau, Queensland, Australia. They have a market leading grip on the industry with a passion for building that has them at only the tip of the iceberg and a hunger that will see them have it and their cake too.

With great experience, knowledge and management and the references to back that, get in contact with Benedictus Group today and see how they can help you! For any information regarding your future builds or to enquire about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you!

Cannon Hill Child Care Centre Construction by Benedictus Group
Cannon Hill Child Care Centre Construction by Benedictus Group
Building and Construction Experience by Brisbane and Gold Coast Builders Benedictus Group

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