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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How long will it take for someone to respond to my email?

Considering its 2019 and we all have technology so easily at hand, even on a very busy day i cannot see it taking any longer than a couple of hours for you to see a direct response to your question or enquiry. However in the case that something has been missed in communication our end, feel free to call us directly to purse a faster response! The number is 0475 211 959 and you will be speaking with Jack.

Is there parking at your office?

There is limited parking space inside the business park where our office is located, we are number 8 and if you find a free parking space under that number feel free to use it! Additionally there is parking on the street outside the block which is easily accessible and usually never crowded.

Do i need to make an appointment or can i just drop into the office?

Ideally a phone call to inform us that a visit from yourself will be happening could be a helpful thing, to ensure you catch a particular person or have your need seen to in good time. Otherwise, you can just drop on by if you are in the area and are just looking for some information! We’d love to see you!

Should i email you through the contact form or directly?

You can do both but ideally our contact form to the right is set up to a particular notification to take emails of contact interest and our direct email is for all general enquiries, if you are looking to speak to us about particular work information or the location to our office the contact form is a categorised specific for that, but for all general enquiries a direct email will still do the trick!

What do i do to book an appointment?

It is literally as easy as it sounds! Send us an email either through our contact form to the right or directly at [email protected], where we have team members standing by to respond to your emails promptly! Contact will be made with you either through phone call, text or message (you can leave your contact preference in your email to notify us of what you prefer) letting you know the best time a particular service or person would be available to discuss your issues.

What should i do to cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment with us, then we would really appreciate it if you could contact the person you had the appointment with, whether through phone call, text message or email any of them is fine. Additionally, if your appointment was made through reception a simple email to [email protected] will do the trick, we’d really appreciate it!

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