Home Renovations


Increase your Property Value with Compelling Home Renovation in Brisbane

Are you bored with your old house? Want to freshen up the decor to make sure it looks like your dream home? Let the expert team of home renovations in Brisbane from Benedictus Group Pty Ltd handle it and give your house a competitive makeover. With our distinct craftsmanship and innovative ideas of renovation, we strive to create the perfect living environment for you.

Quality construction and optimum customer satisfaction - these are the two things that have boosted our reputation in the market. We have become the renowned name in the business as we always strive for creativity and perfection.


Customised Renovation Plans

Unlike our competitors, Benedictus Group Pty Ltd does not follow the stereotypes. We understand that your house should complement your lifestyle. Keeping it in mind, we provide a customised solution.

That does not mean, we blindly follow the market trends. We take hints, inspirations, and most importantly, we consider what our clients are looking for. Moreover, based on these factors, we create a layout for your home renovation. Once you approve it, we finalise the price and get started with the work.

Our Take on Home Renovation

Want to know our approach towards renovations? Well, being one of Brisbane’s most trusted teams in house renovations, our take on the renovation process stands out from that of others. We truly believe that home renovation doesn’t just consist of a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

It's about looking into the finer details of what you are expecting to achieve. We start with finding the answer to a simple question, "what changes are your looking for?" And, from the answer clients give us, we get to know the details more minutely.


We Understand Your Limitations

We cannot renovate your house discarding the existing structure. So, we assess it with leading understandings and provide advice regarding which way to go and which way to avoid. No worries if you have a tight budget! We are comfortable in handling both small and large projects at the same time. So, even if your budget is tight, we will work with the same dedication to make your vision come true.

Call us at 0432 799 628 or fill our contact form for a free no obligation quote that includes site survey.