House Extensions


House Extensions in Brisbane by Professionals

Are you looking for more space in the house where you are living in without distorting the present essence of the place? Are you in search of the professionals who would carry out a precise extension that would solve all your need? Well, look no further than Benedictus Group Pty Ltd.

Who Are We?

We are the experienced and professional building and construction company based in Queensland with an eye on precision to design, managing and constructing home extensions that provide more space to the existing liveable area.

We cater to all aspects of house extensions in Brisbane. Our extension works are backed by the highest level of quality finish aimed at elevating the value of the property, as well as creating more space to what you have with leading designs.


Our Approach

We pay attention to every need of our service seeker. Therefore, with the most advanced drafting and practical building practices, our experienced and professional building contractors ascertain every project is completed in the given time frame by meeting the specifications and requirements as quoted prior to the onset of the project.

With decades of years in the field, we implement modernised personal elements in our house extension jobs that redefine the design and add functionality tailored to our clients wishes. We take care of all the aspects and guarantee every extension will capture the vision of our clients.

Our full-fledged effort is always on delivering exceptional service with redefined functionality and excellence.


Qualitative Extension for Years to Come

The extension work we undertake is not only meant for the upcoming few years; instead, our qualitative working systems and approach in design takes care of you for the next several generations. Our customised extensions are based on the requirements and lifestyle wants of your choices.

Why Us?

Being in this industry for years, allows us to know what it takes to have a precise extension; therefore, our approach includes mainly three functional steps (from planning to construction) keeping suitability and extension process in mind.

We use the recent methodologies to provide you with the quality extension you want that we know we can deliver.

We keep in mind your budget and hence, proceed accordingly ensuring the project is completed on time, within schedule.

Call us at 0432 799 628 or fill our contact form for a free no obligation quote that includes site survey.