Kitchen Renovations


Quality Kitchen Renovations in Brisbane & the Gold Coast

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is a room which you don’t just use to prepare delicious meals, but also spend most of the family time around. So, keeping it clean and removing existing bugs and diseases is your foremost priority.

A good renovation can make all the difference to the feel and look of your kitchen appearance. Not only will it open up an outdated space, but also enhance your living standards. “Benedictus Group”, cater to all your kitchen renovation requirements. Specialising in all kinds of remodelling work in Brisbane, we constantly strive to design and style your kitchen just the way you want to achieve making your stay more enjoyable!

We cover all works covering from private residential to commercial kitchens and see any remodelling through to a competitive finish. Taking immense pride in our knowledge and renovation skills, we strive for exceptional value and quality workmanship on every project we work.


Kitchen Renovation Styles We Specialise:

Keeping all your kitchen renovations on the Gold Coast in mind; our skilled craftsmen assists you to achieve the style of your choice.

So whether its:

1. Modern White Kitchens,

2. Provincial Kitchen Renovation,

3. Contemporary Kitchens,

4. Or even Country Kitchen Styling

You can always count on us to envision your needs professionally.


We Help You Choose The Right Layout:

One of the major aspects of a proper kitchen remodel is picking the layout and design that’s best suited to your home and lifestyle. Luckily for you; we offer you a wide range of kitchen arrangements to pick from.

1. Island Kitchen Layout

2. Galley Kitchen Design

3. L- Shaped And U-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

4. Single Line Kitchen Design

And many more!


We Even Assist You Think About These Key Considerations:

1. The Budget of the project (vivid solutions as per an individual’s purchasing power).

2. The Size and Specifications of the remodelling (the width, the length, height and other key aspects).

3. The right benchtop material (laminate, granite, engineered stone, etc.)

4. The colour and natural light of the kitchen remodel.

5. The appropriate kitchen fixtures (taps, sinks and other important fittings).

6. And the right type of splashbacks (glass, stone, tiles, etc.)


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From full kitchen restorations to part remodelling operations; our team will work with our skilled designers and transform even the most obsolete kitchens into a complete sophisticated masterpiece. Plus, they will do it on-time and at budget-friendly rates.

If you have any further questions concerning how we function, or wish to check some of our successfully completed kitchen renovations in Brisbane, get in touch today!

Call us at 0432 799 628 or fill our contact form for a free no obligation quote that includes site survey.