Landing New Clients with Benedictus Group

To the point where we really had wraps on what we were doing and the only real next step for us was to start building and developing for ourselves, when the idea of what we had once joked about came up in conversation again, starting another business testing and selling gear. With time under our belt and a lot of experience and knowledge been had, we decided to start making some moves towards possibly making these ideas become a reality. We kept working away, never taking for granted the opportunities we were taking in the building game as we also started working away at creating what we now have today. A second company staffed with experienced and knowledge teams capable of delivering the right products for the right jobs. Evaluation, reviewing, testing, understanding and selling tools of our trades and others – Austools Direct! So here we are, what a journey it really has been.. Excited for the what the future holds for us, stepping into a brand new industry. One where our strengths lie but new never the less. Thankful for all those who supported us over all the years, our employees, our only presence teams, office staff and our great clients. Ready to keep the cameras rolling and to continue working hard towards what we love. We hope you can all be part of something we are so passionate about and something Australia really needs, honest and reliable, supply and expertise, straight from the building industry, advice on what makes a work horse and what makes a lemon