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Professional Residential Builders in Brisbane

“There is no place in the world sweeter than home when the bar is closed!”

So true and so convincing! Indeed - being the owner of a class home can give you enormous pride, and you can be the centre of envy of your neighbours - but only if you are on the right path!

So here you are - at the right website and the right page - finally, that belongs to a name that will be able to show the right way ahead in your endeavour to own your dream house!

Based at 653 Mount Cotton Rd, Sheldon, Queensland, we at Benedictus Group Pty Ltd are home to some of the most competent and highly experienced architects and engineers who will leave no stones un-turned to design and construct your dream house - a house that will not only meet YOUR needs and aspirations but will go way beyond them!


What makes us THE NAME in the industry?

At Benedictus Group Pty Ltd, we bank on our reliability and dependability to come up with custom homes that meet today’s custom needs of our clients.

With esteem for excellence, we are THE NAME that gives exceptional attention to every minute detail while building what you envision. We provide uncompromising quality of construction that will provide you with the level of comfort and finesse, and that is also well within your budget and time!

Looking for architecturally designed luxury homes?

If you are looking for residential builders in Brisbane that are experts in constructing architecturally designed luxury homes, you have come to the right place. We are indeed, a name with an exemplary portfolio with expertise in creating customised luxury homes for our clients in and around Brisbane.

We are transparent, pro-customer and are open to suggestions!!

All these prove that we have no hidden costs involved in our quotes, you are in constant touch with us at any given point in time and you can give your feedback, which combines with our expertise and experience to result in some groundbreaking innovations!

That’s where the magic of our service lies!

Call us at 0432 799 628 or fill our contact form for a free no obligation quote that includes site survey.