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Custom Homes By Usx

Benedictus Group is a Brisbane and Gold Coast based luxury home building company. We specialise in building architecturally designed custom homes, additions and renovations. Our dedicated and experienced teams can manage your project from concept through to completion.

We employ a team of highly sort professional carpenters and sub contractors who have an eye for detail, pride themselves on quality finishes and share a vision and passion for building high-end custom homes. We have long standing relationships with several suppliers who we see as an extension of the Benedictus Group family and only use the highest quality products and materials.

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General Custom Servicesx

  • Provide a serviced plot. This means that all the utility connections (water, gas, electricity, mains sewerage, high-speed broadband, telephone), as well as access to the highway, are all in place before you buy the plot.
  • Organise outline or full planning permission.
  • Deliver as much of the build as you wish, up to watertight shell or full ‘turnkey’ completion.
  • Manage the project — working within your set budget and taking responsibility for building works including health and safety.

Choosing a builder is one of the biggest decisions in the home-building process, as they are responsible for creating the house your family will live in for years to come.

Does Custom Home Building Have to be More Expensive Than Project Homes?x

One of the questions often asked of custom home builders and architects is, “Why are custom home builders more expensive than project home builders?”.

A general short answer to that – is the dedication in time, efforts and costs involved with building a custom home considerably out do a simple, minimal designed home that’s been pre-planned to fit within a builders profit margins. After estimations and calculations have been done a builder can come up with an over all price for a few basic designs based off location and buyer statistics in order to see a larger chance of sale or investment through his company.

Simply put, its far less work to design a few well designed, cost effective homes, bundling them with land in future developing areas to sell at a higher rate. With good pre-planning and estimating abilities, good contractor and resource networking and good project management abilities this is one of the ways many building companies go about building their companies.

Does a Custom Home Have to be More Expensive?x

For most custom homes will always be more expensive, however with a good amount of effort and a sizable network to minimise the risk of not being able to deliver the clients expectations we find delivering custom built homes as simple and cost effective as any.

The building industry seems to fall short when it comes to a good mix of builders being technology intelligent, too much of one or the other. This over the years has been one of our strengths, with the ability to find Brisbane and Gold Coast public information we have adapted the idea of data automation in order to locate the lowest rate in services, labour and much more. Giving us the ability to price affordable custom homes at a fraction of the price.

We have used these abilities through programming to enable us insight into faster delivery of answers to our experienced building questions, which in short allows us to help many of our customers see the quality requirements they want in their family homes for the prices they can afford. Although the approach of project homes is used by many, and is still an intelligent approach to the industry, many go without because of the efforts involved in producing something that simply costs more in time and effort.

If you would like a better understanding on what we focus on, or more information on the services we can provide. Contact us directly on 07 5561 7888 or email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to talk to you about your options.

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